Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Some new food rules for me as a stay-at-home mom

In my post "My 3 days diet experience" i have told you about a short diet i had tried on myself and its results. Now i wanna share with you my rules i made for myself recently. Somehow, cooking tasty and much for my husband after we had moved in hasn't gone unnoticed for my figure and i don't like my reflection in the mirror much anymore. Yep, i'm a mother and my hubby loves me and my figure how we both are but, nevertheless, i wanna correct myself.
So, here my tips i have made a strict rule for myself:
1. 2 l of water, including juices, soups, etc. I have noticed i drink not enough water, but it does harm to the metabolism. My cup is about 270 g of water, so my rule now is to drink 6-8 cups of something liquid on a day.
2. No eating after 6 p.m. - only drinking unsweetened drinks. I prefer veggie juices (tomato and carrot ones) and regular water at this time.
3. Morning gymnastics. Now i try doing some physical exercises every morning, it gives some power and good mood. You may do it while your kid is still sleeping or altogether! Besides, it's so good for a kid to do excercises!
4. More vegetables and fruits and less flour and sweet food and fat meat in daily diet. You may cook so many yummy dishes out of veggies, besides they are so healthy! I adore Jamie Oliver's 15 and 30 minutes meals advices!

We'll see if these simple rules help me to like my reflection more again but, anyway, they are definitely lead to better health.

Fried oats - delicious and healthy snack!

I doubted it can be yummy but, surprisely, it is! 
Fry oats with some amount of sugar on the dry pan until the mixture has a darker color - and you have this incredibly easy-made, tasty and healthy snack! You may eat it just like that or it will be an incredible topping for ice-cream!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 1, 2014 morning

The first thing we did in the first morning of this year is check out Ded Moroz's presents! My son was so happy to see them, he was busy with the gifts all the morning!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The best posts of year 2013

Muffins with wallnuts - If you are a guest. Muffins... Who doesn't like them? These muffins with wallnuts smells so good. Don't even talk about taste! A good muffins recipe.
Chicken in the oven with vegetables (dinner for a large family). An easy but very delicious way of preparing chicken in the oven. Fast and yummy - good edition for a large family.
Our family journey to the ostrich farm! That was fabulous! We visited the ostrich farm in the winter. Watching ostriches, camels, dear, sheep and other animals so near was fantastic!

Potato pancakes with chicken meat. Such a great idea of cooking out of what you already have. Do you have mashed potatoes and some prepared chicken? Then you have an opportunity of making these incredibly delicious pancakes! Just give it a try!
Semolina pie. Pie? Checked. Smells good? Checked. Easy preparation? Checked, of course. Just try it once and this pie will be one of your favourite ones.

Braided bun with condensed milk. To tell the truth, it's the only one post in mentioned period but, nevertheless, this recipe is not bad, no doubts.

My 3 day diet experience. The post about my diet experrience (it's clear from the topic). My feelings, condition and weight loss during this diet.
What to do if you are tired of babysitting? Tips on how to manage your tiredness of parenting when you are a stay-at-home mom (or dad). They help me all the time!
Cheese pancakes for kids and adults! Healthy and very tasty cottage cheese pancakes will satisfy kids and adults!
Cold beet soup based on kefir. This soup is so good in hot season of the year! Besides, it's very healthy because of vegetables and kefir containing in it.

The Rasmus - live in Minsk, Belarus, 23.09.2013. Of course, this post is the leader in September! That was a good show, great to see one of my favourite bands so near. Photos from the concert are inside of the post!
Healthy banana snack. One of those healthy snacks i like preparing for my family!
Yet another dose of tender emotion! A photo of my lovely cat... She has faded away, unfortunately...
Apple pie "Charlotte" recipe. Mmmmmm.. seems like i'm smelling this pie right now! A very very tasty pie with apples!

DIY cards with pictures - an easy and cute New Year/Christmas present for kids! An idea of DIY gift for your kids for Christmas/New Year!
A DIY folder for kids creation storage. Kids need to know their parents love them and give them all their attention. Such a folder where you can keep your kid's drawings will let them know you care of them and of things they do.
Homemade little bear-shaped pies!. Just a short message where I shared my new baking shapes!

Much love in New Year 2014 from Sasha!

Much love, happiness, understanding in new year for all of u, my readers!
P.S. These wonderful waffels were made with my new waffel maker my hubby presented me on New Year! Yum!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year gifts problem

What to present? - a frequent question on the holiday eve. 
I wanna tell you a short story.
I have an aunt, she lives in another city with her son. They live very poor... They have hard times and health problems. But know what? She hasn't forgotten about my little son, her great-grandson: I've just received a parcel from her - she has sent sweets and little toys for my boy! As a present for New Year! And as for me, it's one of the best presents this year. Because my aunt has almost nothing but she has a very kind soul... That is important. That is the most important thing in gift making... Your soul, feelings you put in your present. That is the key to the answer on the very first question in this post.
Happy New Year!

Monday, December 23, 2013

One more way to make your kid little happier on New Year/Christmas!

It's Christmas and New Year time now. All the children dream of certain things they wish to find under the Christmas fir: dolls, cars, books, etc.
I know (and i'm sure you know it as well) how to bring a little miracle to these holidays: a letter for Ded Moroz or Santa Clause! A real letter with drawings and text which you may compose together with your child and send it. For real. So your kid will be sure it all is true. 
Don't you know New Year characters have real post addresses? I can share them with you!

Santa Clause:
Santa Claus 96930 Napapiiri, Finlandia 99999
Ded Moroz (Дед Мороз) - in Russian:
for Russia (для России):
162340, Россия, Вологодская область, город Великий Устюг, дом Деда Мороза
for Belarus (для Беларуси):
Дедушке Морозу, 225063, Брестская обл., Каменецкий р-н, п/о Каменюки, Беларусь.

For those who wants to write a letter for Ded Moroz from abroad:
For Russia: 162340, Russia, Vologodskaya oblast, g. Velikij Ustyug, dom Deda Moroza
For Belarus: Ded Moroz, 225063, Brestskaya oblast, Kamenetskij rajon, p/o Kamenuki, Belarus.

I wrote two different addresses for Ded Moroz for Russia and Belarus - the reason why is both coutries have their own Ded Moroz's residences :)

I and my son are just on the way to compose a letter. When we send it I'll share the details with you!

Good luck!

Good salad for good breakfast!

This salad is enough to get energy for the whole morning! Fried on butter chicken and potato pieces, fresh tomato cubes, mushrooms, corn, rubbed cheese, apple pieces and dried bread cubes! Either warm or cold - delicious! Don't you like to taste it? ;)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Benefiting from cereals for adults and children

Those who fed a baby know that kids under 1 year eat much porridges. Sometimes in very bad cases of allergy on milk formula mothers may replace it with liquid porridge on cow milk (i did it with my son since his 2 month :( ). But porridges are useful not only for babies. They contain a lot of micro elements which are requared by our organism. First i'd like to say some words about cereals i usually cook for my family.
Oats. Contains many carbohydrates which are energy source, also many trace elements and vitamins normalizing metabolism, vitamin B, сalcium and phosphorus... Isn't that enough? 
Buckwheat. Contains a record number of minerals - iodine, phosphorus, iron, copper, and B vitamins, vitamins PP and E. It's rich in fiber, healthy carbohydrates and essential amino acids, and protein composition to even compare it with meat.
Rice. Rice porridge retains all the most important substances in this cereal after heat treatment. For this reason, the use of rice porridge is the presence of vitamins B, E and PP. Also this rich cereal contains trace elements necessary for human body, such as manganese, potassium, phosphorus and iron, calcium, selenium and zinc.
Semolina. Semolina can be an excellent natural source of nutrients: minerals, vitamins, starch, proteins and so on. This porridge is highly recommended for those who suffer from various diseases and disorders of the digestive system, as semolina has a soft enveloping effect and helps soothe gastritnye or ulcer pain and spasms.
I cook some other porridges like millet porridge, but not very often.

When my son was a baby i always cooked porridge for him by myself. I don't believe in usefulness of soluble cereals for children because real cereal never can be prepared without heat treatment.
I used to prepare the porridge this way: i grinded chosen cereal in the coffee grinder, saved it in the jar and
used some amount when i needed. Heat treatment duration for different cereals is different. For example, it's about 10 minutes of boiling on low heat for buckwheat, about 7 minutes - for rice porridge, 1 minute (with next infusion) - for oats and semolina porridges. And + tiny amount of salt and sugar. As for a baby i used 1 tablespoon of porridge for 200 g of milk. For adults - more, of course.
But if you're an adult or your kids are older than 1.5 years you don't need to grind the cereals.
The best way of buckwheat porridge preparation is following: place some buckwheat, salt in the pot, pour it with boiling water (porridge:water = 1:2) and just leave for some hours. And your porridge is ready without spending time on it and with all vitamins and elements inside! 
Some kids don't like the taste of buckwheat or oats. Just add some raisins, dried apricots, honey, whatever sweet and healthy and your child won't resist eating it, i'm sure!
Porridges are very good for breakfast - they give much energy, good for organizm, give many elements (also for brains!). It's a great beginning of the day!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

A DIY folder for kids creation storage

When i was a little girl my elder brother used to gather all my drawings since i was 4-years-old girl into a special folder. I enjoyed looking through these papers over and over again! I thank my brother for such memory keeper!
I decided to make such a folder for my little miracle too, with nice cover! Though he doesn't draw professionally now, i think, it will be quite interesting for him to know which topics for drawing he liked in the childhood.
So, i bought the most simple and cheap card paper folder in the store (i didn't need expensive ones, because i was gonna design it as i want to). Then i made a folder "cover" - A4 paper with a nice picture on it. Printed it and glued on the folder. You can download Photoshop file with this cover for free, of course.

DIY cards with pictures - an easy and cute New Year/Christmas present for kids!

Hello, my dear friends!
Here weren't any posts since long time in my blog: i started freelancing all my free time and that's why i had no opportunity and power to write here. But today i have a sort of a day off: day off from orders (i really need some rest) and my little miracle, my son, is at granny's house! So, i have some time for sharing some of my ideas for New Year/Christmas presents for kids under 3-4 years!
It's very important  to develop kids imagination into the parenting: with toys, fairy tales, books, etc.
My son likes watching and playing with cards, so i decided to make some cool cards special for him, according to his interests and my view on parenting.

New Year/Christmas decoration ideas!

In this post i wanna share with you some of my decoration ideas for Christmas/New Year! This is not all i've made (there are so many days left before New Year celebration) but i think, you should like this!

The Christmas tree for the angle

Glued on the wall fir with some decoration

Cut and colored with my son fir, with glued decoration and hung on the curtain. Looks good in the dark and turned on lights!

Homemade little bear-shaped pies!

Such cute pies you may get using the dough recipe from this post: and special baking shape! For making more kids happiness try to add a chocolate bar piece in the middle of each bear ;)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DIY orange fragrances for your home

Orange flavor has a calming effect, so I decided it would be a nice idea to smell it in my house. This fragrances making is super easy. All you need is some chopped orange zest, a small jar and a cute satin ribbon to decorate. Gather it all as it's shown on the picture and you can enjoy!
But don't forget, this fragrance lasts only one day, then you should throw it away cos the zest will be spoilt.